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To contact the Ranch for classes: 541-947-5005 (Winter Hours for Office 9-5)
For Texts and Voice Mail 24/7: 541-219-0649

Thunder Ranch Email address:


THE best way to order DVD's and gear at this time is to send an email to about what you would like to order along with your phone number and a good time to return the call to you.

You may also call the gear store 541-647-7840 but email is a faster
way to place your order....

All lodging below is within 10 miles of Thunder Ranch. Exception is the Juniper RV Park 15 miles from the ranch entrance.

We suggest you book early since it’s a small town and rooms tend to fill in advance.

Fremont Inn
The Fremont is the preferred choice for our TR students. Their price  includes breakfast and they can provide a great packed lunch for your class.
Quail Run Bed and Breakfast 541-947-5502
Best Western Skyline 541-947-2194
Lakeview Lodge 541-947-2181
Interstate 8 Motel 541-947-3341
Rim Rock Motel 541-947-2185
RV Park Junipers Reservoir Park 541-947-2050
Hunters Hot Springs 541-947-4242

(Please keep in mind that you are not able to get your motor home, RV or camper into Thunder Ranch due to our covered bridge at the entrance to the property)







All Handgun Courses: A nominal 850 rounds
Revolver: Nominal 850 rounds
Urban Rifle: A nominal 800 rounds
Urban Precision Rifle: A nominal 500 rounds
Mid Range Rifle: Nominal 400 rounds of regular ammo. NO steel core or tracer ammo please
High Angle Rifle Training: 500 rounds of regular ammo. NO steel core or tracer ammo please
Team Tactics: A nominal 800 rounds per team member
Defensive Concealed Carry: Nominal 800 rounds.

Thunder Ranch Oregon is a frangible bullet and lead free range. We are listing companies that sell the correct ammo and do so at the best price we have found. You are welcome to buy from other companies but please make sure you are purchasing LEAD FREE FRANGIBLE PROJECTILE AMMUNITION. If you bring the wrong ammo you will not be allowed to shoot.

We strongly suggest you purchase your ammunition for your class as soon as possible

We also ask you to PLEASE get the tracking number from the company you order from so you can check on your own deliveries and their status. If you have an existing reservation at the Fremont they will keep your ammo there secured and will have it in your room when you arrive. Due to our covered bridge the Fed Ex and UPS trucks can not get to us most of the time so all other ammo orders will go to the Fremont where we pick them up

Remember that these companies need to ship your ammo ground. If you order less then 30 days out you run the risk of your ammo not being here on time.

If you are driving to the ranch for your course, please have the ammo sent to your home and bring it with you. If you are flying then have your ammo sent here to Thunder Ranch. Please get your tracking numbers from the companies you order from once its been sent out so you can check on the status of its delivery.

When calling these companies please tell them upfront you are a TR student ordering for your course. Make sure they have the correct class date.

NEW GPS Arms 479-422-7782
Extreme Products Exclusive Distributor of ICC Ammo 888-768-8803
Buster Beaver Contact John 800-931-1966
Ammo Man (223 Only)
Rim Rock Ammo
Precision Ammunition
Frangible Bullets
Tamarack Sports

Remit fees, credentials and application to:
Thunder Ranch, Inc
96747 Hwy 140 East
Lakeview, Oregon 97630

FAQ: Heidi the NEW TR Cell (for texting) and Office Phone Number 541-219-0649

Please DO NOT ship your firearms to Thunder Ranch. If you are unsure of how to fly with a firearm please call the airline you are scheduled on and ask them what is required. If you would like to ship your firearm for your course then you must do so through Brad Winters here in Lakeview. 541-219-1894. Please call him if you are interested and he will give you all the information you need. This option is not available for California residents.

All courses go from 8:30 AM to approx. 3:30- 4:00 PM each day.

Your first day of class will begin at 8:30 AM sharp. Usually the first day you will be in lecture till lunch and then on the range the rest of the course. You are not required to have your gun and range support gear on for the lecture. There is plenty of time afterwards to get yourself ready.

One hour for lunch all three days.

There is a student lounge with a full size fridge and microwave for your use here. You are welcome to bring what you want to eat and leave it here during your class. We provide water on the range deck.

Equipment/Clothing for All TR courses
Hat with brim

Please bring clothing for any type of weather. There is NO BAD weather…only BAD Clothing. Keep in mind the range deck is at 5400 ft elevation. You should have sunscreen and long sleeve shirts are suggested.

Eye and Ear protection is mandatory. We suggest you bring full muffs for your ears if you are shooting rifles. Clear eye protection is required in the shoot house for your tactical runs. Sunglasses are good for the square range.

Elbow and knee pads are suggested. We strongly recommend them for all of the rifle courses.

Handgun Courses:THG/THG2/Team Tactics/HVD/Revolver/Concealed Carry
1. Bring a working handgun and if possible a backup in the same caliber with a matching holster. Strong side holsters only. No shoulder holsters, cross draws, fanny packs or purses please.
Belt: Please wear a sturdy belt that fits your pants belt loops.
Holster: Please use a holster that fits your belt size.
Holster must cover the trigger guard.
Holster opening must not be collapsible.
We suggest a holster with a friction fit.
2. Handgun: 4-6 working magazines with at least one magazine pouch.
Revolver: 6-8 speed loaders and at least two pouches.
3. Hand held or gun mounted flashlights with extra batteries

Rifles: UR/UPR
1. A rifle that works and a backup if possible in same caliber.
2. Rifle should have a solid sling that will control the muzzle while rifle is slung and hanging during transitions and potential dynamic movement.
3. Magazine fed rifles will require 4-6 working magazines.
4. At least one magazine pouch or belt fitted dump pouch. You can also simply use your pant pockets.
5. Hand held or gun mounted light with extra batteries.
6. Basic cleaning gear with cleaning rod. If you don’t have a back up then we suggest you bring a spare safety and extractor.

400 rounds of regular match or hunting ammo. .308 - .30-06 calibers are suggested. NO Magnums or Zip guns please.
1. A working bolt gun with enough glass to match course ranges. No magnums. Backup rifle in same caliber if possible.
2. Rifle must have a sling and bi-pod.
3. Good scopes mounted to a strong action. You will be shooting out to 700 yards. Make sure you have the right mounts and glass to get out that far.
4. Spotting scope suggested but not mandatory. A shoot and spot team concept will be used often to mark hits on the steel targets.
5. A good simple cleaning kit and rod as you require.

High Angle Rifle Training HART
500 rounds regular ammo: NO steel core or tracer ammo please.
We strongly suggest good quality ammunition…i.e. Federal Match. PLEASE chamber check all ammo before coming to class and make sure it works in all rifle magazines, internal or external.

A solid rifle is required with strong bases and scope rings. A good uncomplicated scope with external adjustment knobs will provide the best results during the class. Mil-dot or minute of angle adjustable scopes are best with power ranging from 3-4x to 12-16x or higher power as the shooter might require. Additional equipment could be a spotting scope or binoculars, a laser range finder, sling, bipod and a pack  that will carry your rifle. Clothing suitable to weather above the 5000-foot elevation and the time of the year.
The smallest lightest equipment that serves its intended function will be best.

A note of caution, if you bring it, equipment wise, you’ll be carrying it…up and down the course of fire…please.

Please…For all TR Courses. We need you to bring working equipment as the class will not be delayed for untested or non-functioning equipment. Please test your gear before class.

The following airports all have major car rental companies.

Klamath Falls Airport: 1.5 hour drive to Thunder Ranch
Take 140 East to Lakeview…turn left on 395 North
Go 6 miles and turn right onto 140 East
Go 1 mile….turn left at yellow cow crossing sign.

Redmond/Bend Airport: 3 hour drive
From airport turn left and go 3 miles to Highway 97
Go under overpass and turn left onto Highway 97 South.
Go through Bend and on thru LaPine. 3/4 mile past LaPine,
Turn Left onto Highway 31 South. This will turn into 395 South and take you right to Lakeview.

Reno Nevada Airport: 3.5 hour drive
When leaving the airport take 395 North
Take a right onto Country Road #3A. This is about 20 miles before Susanville. There will be a big sign that says Lakeview.
This takes you around Susanville and saves you an hour so don’t miss it.
Follow # A3 to 395 and take a right at the T intersection. There will be a gas station on your left. We suggest you top off your tank there.
This road will take you right into Lakeview.

We strongly suggest you do not speed as you will get a ticket.

Lakeview Municipal Airport: 10 miles drive
5300 ft strip. Self serve fuel and airplane hanger storage. 541-947-4222
For car rental please call Collins Ford: 541-947-4695
Please call ahead of time to make arrangements.

If you have any other questions or need anything please let us know. We truly look forward to having you with us.

God Bless,
Clint and Heidi
Phone: the NEW TR Cell (for texting) and Office Phone Number 541-219-0649
Fax: 541-947-4105

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Please call ahead if you would like a tour of the facility and visit the pro shop.
The Office Phone Number for texting and voice mail is 541-219-0649. If we can swing it we will be more the happy to help.

All deposits / applications and any other correspondence needs to be mailed to:
Thunder Ranch®

96747 Hwy 140 East • Lakeview, Oregon 97630
the NEW TR Cell (for texting) and Office Phone Number 541-219-0649
Please Call Office For Reservations