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8Shot Speed Loader

8Shot Speed Loader

The 8Shot loader body is made from anodized 6061 aluminum with all other internal parts and springs being made of stainless steel. The loader has a large notched counterclockwise—the direction speed loaders should release—release knob and the outside of the loader has two tapered sides to allow the shooter to index and access the charge holes without the loader dragging on or contacting the cylinder latch or the standard large rubber stock panels. The loader release knob and star shaft rotate on a centered Derlin bushing for smoothness of operation and the cartridges are held in place by two positive locking detents. These loaders are for the Smith & Wesson 327 and 627 eight shot .38/.357 magnum revolvers. This loader adds a whole new dimension to these eight shot revolvers for personal defense or general use. Like many good things in life they are not cheap but they work very well.

$60.00 each + 5.95 shipping

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